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Artillerymen setting up for a fire mission. 


B Troop-- Louis Caputo pretending to be in the artillery  


B Troop-- Navarro, Russo, Dan and a coke kid 


Mai and her friend selling cokes 


The village near the Mang Yang Pass 


A Troop-- Track #24 George Foster, Al Jurkowitz, Sgt Rivera, Ed Baranski and Ray Barone



A Troop-- Track #28 Rich Hansen, Collins and Larry Young 


B Troop-- M-48 Tank Walt Sutherland and Eddie Wodecki


B Troop-- M-48 Tank Walt Sutherland and Eddie Wodecki 



WTF??!! Get outta that seat!



M48 Tank sight B Troop Eddie Wodecki  


Inside M-48 Tank B Troop Eddie Wodecki , Walt Sutherland 



M-48 Tank, pretending to load a round. 


B Troop Unknown 


B Troop Dan, Louis Caputo, Russo 


Dan, Rich and I can't remember, but he went to Thailand on a 3 day R&R and got sick and had to stay there a month. Must've been something he ate. 


Linnell Butler

KIA  3/7/1969 

   A friend and fellow Trooper... an American Soldier... forever 22 years old.

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