Return A Troop Pics


               Sgt James Benham displaying a rocket laucher



Col Gay paying us a visit



A-25 Hooch



Just got cleaned up got clean fatigues on



Security protection for dozers pushing back foliage off main road



I believe it’s a shot from top of the Mang Yang pass



Kontum after TET, 1968



From left, A-25, John(Driver), Jerry(Loader), Jim(TC) eating C’s



Jerry in our Hooch



Quick stop on a Search and Destroy






Heating C’s with C4



Burning shit



Bunker Building



Big Daddy Platoon Sgt Tank



A-25 crew on A-25



Sgt James Benham with A-25



Sgt Benham and Jerry heating up C’s



A-25 at FB



Beating the brush



"A" troop quick break



A-24 crew, Sgt Riveria (Spelling)sitting backwards



2nd Platoon photo


Return A Troop Pics