2nd Squadron 1st Cavalry Regiment


Reunion 2008      

This must be the place for the reunion!  When I saw this, I suspected I had the right place!

This confirmed I had the right place! Troop flags dressed right. Boy, am I having a good time! Die hard reunion participants!Rich Gray Dennis Scott...  Association President. Did we ever meet at the Mang Yang? Hang on to that flag!
Charlie Poe, D Troop Dan Kavanaugh D Troop.  Dan and Charlie to the left had the privilege of being shot down together.. Commander in Chief and Ray Marple, D Troop Ray Marple in disguise...  Don't tell Scotland Yard!
I misplaced my razor near Pleiku.  When I find it, I'll shave... Leo Dupre... HHT  Keep on truck'n, Leo!  I can't believe you asked me that.....!!
Army "Dining Facility", just like we remember!! D Troopers from Aero Rifle Platoon.  Joe Mc Manus Lloyd Wirkkala cools his heels!
D Troopers Joe Mc Manus and Lee Wright chow down... Wayne ...D Troop Supply  Serious talk! Guest Specker Gen Zanni at Firebase Ft Riley Winner of silent auction item (Bob Davis on right) at Firebase Ft Riley  Some members of C Troop Ladies at Firebase Riley. Members of A Troop. Members and guests at Firebase Riley.
Reunion chatter! 
Post Chapel memorial service.  It was very moving!