2012 Reunion Gettysburg, PA


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Tireless volunteers meet arrivals


A valid definition...



Taking a break.


Kneeling for the camera

 (Knee popping sounded like machine gun fire!)



There I was, down to my last five rounds of ammo!



Modern vs. old time era attire


My God!  Tastes like Spam!!  It IS Spam!


Pre-dinner conversation.  Watch that mustache and the soup bowl!


Women of that era must have died like flies from the heat in summertime.

 No Bikinis allowed!!


Tours of the nearby battlefield across which Pickett made that infamous charge

brings to light the huge human suffering that hot July day so long ago.


Flowers representing 2-1 Cavalry KIA from the war in Vietnam.


D Troopers in the limelight.


Smiles, beer and brotherhood!


Have a hard time believing these young, beautiful women are somehow

connected to the derelect geezers attending the reunion?


Handsome Troopers!



Now where did I put that mustache coloring?



A nap!  A nap!  My kingdom for a NAP!


Hmmmmm.  Where is Picketts Charge Battlefield?


Now where are those directions to Pickett's Charge?


Go Air Cav



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