2nd Squadron 1st Cavalry Regiment


History of the Unit

Unit History

Constituted on 2 March 1833 in the Regular Army as Company B, the United States Regiment of Dragoons; the unit was organized on 29 July 1833 at Sackett's Harbor, New York. It was redesignated 15 May 1836 as Company B, 1st Regiment of Dragoons. It was again redesignated as Company B, 1st Cavalry on 3 August 1861; at which time her "dragoons" officially became "troopers." It was on 16 January 1933 that the troopers of Company B, 1st Cavalry, Mechanized traded their horses for tracked mounts.

Redesignated at numerous times through the intervening years, members of the 2nd Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment (of Dragoons) participated in military actions during the Mexican War, Indian Wars, Civil War, Spanish-American War, the Philippine Insurrection and World War II.

On 1 July, 1963 the 2nd Squadron, 1st Cavalry was relieved of their duties to the 3rd Armored Division, United States Army, Europe and reassigned to the 2nd Armored Division at Fort Hood, Texas. On 8 August 1967 the unit left Fort Hood for Vietnam where they were attached to the 4th Infantry Division, headquarters in Plieku. During their service in the Central Highlands, troopers saw action in Plieku, Dak To, Suoi Doi, Kontum, An Khe and many other nameless stretches of road and jungle.

In May of 1969 the squadron was transferred to Task Force South in Phan Thiet and attached to the 1st Field Force, Vietnam. Now operating in the rice patties and rubber plantations of Vietnam, the Blackhawks further distinguished themselves in actions around Phan Thiet, Song Mao, Phan Rang and their environs.

The 2nd Squadron, 1st Cavalry departed Vietnam in October 1970, leaving Cam Ranh Bay for reassignment to the 2nd Armored Division at Fort Hood, Texas.

The unit participated in Desert Storm and it was deactivated in December 1995 at Ft Hood, Texas when the 2nd Armored Division stood-down

On June 1, 2006 at Ft Lewis, WA, a large Army reflagging ceremony occurred. The 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry’s colors were cased, the colors of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment were transferred, and the 4th Brigade, 2d Infantry Division colors were uncased. The 2d Squadron, 1st Cavalry’s colors were uncased as part of this latter ceremony. Our unit is alive once again after a 10 year stand down.

In April 2007, the unit deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 07-09 as part of President George W Bush’s ‘surge’ strategy. The 2-1 Cavalry’s actions were directly responsible for the defeat of Al Qaeda in Iraq, affiliated insurgents in the Squadron’s battle space, suppression of Shia extremist militias, bolstering of Iraqi Security Forces and protection of critical infrastructure. The unit returned home to Ft Lewis, WA in June 2008. The Welcome Home and Colors Uncasing Ceremony was held on July 1, 2008.