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Trying to find those members who can and want to assist in a humanitarian effort to locate the grave(s) from the 4/1/70 battle.

This effort stated in 10/2016 and we have to date provided the locations of approx 5,500 remains of our former enemy to the VN Gov't and Military Representatives.
Allowing those MIA Families the closure they too deserve.
Info on the this effort has also enabled us to receive info from former VC on two graves each containing two American soldiers. The first grave was excavated approx 3 months ago.

This link is to an article written by the Phila. Inquire in 9/2017

I have already tried to reach out to Tony Dodson since he lives within 15 miles from but to no avail.

The DoD and Dept of State are aware of our effort and I have established contacts in both Hanoi's and Wash. MIA Offices.

This effort is strictly humanitarian. I only seeking out info pertaining to the graves location.

Most of us have tried to forget all or part of our tour.
But neither the Families in VN or the US have that as an option.

Please pass this email and the link to those members who were there.


Bob Connor
3rd Security Police Sqd.
Bien Hoa Air Base 4/67 - 4/68

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