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1272) Bob Connor  Male
Maple Shade, NJ Location
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Tuesday, September 10, 2019 14:25 Host: Send E-mail

Looking for details of the Battle at Song Mao 4/1/70.
This link will detail how & why this project started.

Since this started we have provided information of approx 5,500 remains with an additional 800+ spread out over 5 different battles.

With the help of a former helicopter pilot. We search the sites for battle details then try to reach out to soldiers who were there to help pin point the grave(s) actual location. The Vietnamese prefer us to seek out two such witnesses.

In addition we have 3 former VC and 1 NVA helping us to find between 9-13 US MIAs. One grave has already been excavated that is supposed to contain 2 US Army soldiers.

For the American witnesses they seem to all agree, doing this is putting a positive end to an ugly war.

The VN witnesses come to us directly vs the Government because they trust us. They have seen or heard of the Inquirer article or have heard the BBC News taped interview in Vietnamese.

All of these MIA Families deserve closure.
Please let me know.


Bob Connor
3rd Security Police SQD
Bien Hoa Air Base 4/67 - 4/68

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